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This week, the game's developer removed more than a million Lost Ark accounts it believed were bots Lost Ark Gold. It also stated that its team "has been working to develop effective methods and tools to detect and eliminate Bots that are banned from playing" and acknowledging that "in the massive ban wave there is a possibility that a tiny fraction of gamers could be misinterpreted with bots". The week before the team claimed that this was "just one part of the ongoing battle" and is working on "internal techniques and tools to create a more challenging environment for bots to gain access to the game".

Lost Ark is now Steam's second-biggest concurrently played game ever. The massive March update is available now, and introduces those aforementioned new end-game raids and story quests, alongside several other treats, including a limited-time Arkesia race event as well as the game's first PvP season.

One of the first World Bosses that Lost Ark players will face is Rudric an enigmatic skeletal gigantic with a glowing corncob-shaped helm. Players must take on Rudric to finish the single boss challenge in their local Adventurer's Tome for Rethramis. This World Boss will drop valuable epic loot on defeat including pieces of the cruel Reaper Set and armor pieces from the upgraded Desert Prison Set. In addition, farming this boss is an efficient method to obtain rare Collectibles required for the Adventurer's Tome, like Portal Stones or Aguiloss's Skins. To find Rudric, Lost Ark fans must make their way towards The Rethramis Border.

Rudric serves as the region's World Boss of the Rethramis region, which is situated within the Graveyard of the Rethramis Border zone of Lost Ark. The players can gain access to this region through the area that lies west of Regria Monastery, southwest of Wind Road. The spawning area is usually in the southern half of the Graveyard.

Lost Ark: How to Start the Kadan Questline

If Rudric cannot be located in the Graveyard, Lost Ark players are able to find Rudric by switching between the different channels in the area. Rudric will most likely be appearing on at least one channel. In addition, this feature can be utilized to find a temporary group to defeat or farm Rudric together. In addition to this, Rudric the World Boss will spawn every 30 minutes best place to buy Lost Ark Gold. This means players are able to leave the area for a few minutes then return when Rudric emerges.

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